Why Have a Website?

Does your business or organization really need a web site?

Information on Products, Services and Resources

There is no limit to the sheer quantity of information you can make available on your web site about the products and services of your business, or the resources of your organization. You could put an entire library of documents, images, sound and video on your web site if you wanted to do so. This is one of the best reasons for having a web site.

Web Sites are the Great Equalizer

A well designed web site can make a better impression than a poorly designed web site costing thousands. It's all in the image you project, and everybody gets the same amount of screen space in which to present themselves. Nobody owns the Internet, so you have as much access to the million Internet users just as the major companies do.

24 x 7 Availability

The time of day is now irrelevant. Your products and information are available to anyone with Internet access 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Another one of the top reasons for having a web site.

Broaden your Customer Base

Millions and millions of people now use the Internet, and more people are getting online every month. Is there any other inexpensive way you could make your products or services available to so many people?

Dramatically Reduce Recurring Printing Costs

If your business or organization prints catalogs or information that quickly becomes outdated, and therefore must be revised and re-printed frequently, you save a tremendous amount of money by displaying the same information on your web site. If your latest catalog gets printed and then mailed out with typographical errors, your customers are stuck with bad information until you can re-print the entire catalog and re-mail them. No such problem with a web site!

Universal Findability

Thanks to the search engines, somebody looking for the type of products, services or information you offer can find you in a matter of seconds, no matter where in the world they are. We are at the dawn of a truly global marketplace.

Immediate Feedback

You can get quick feedback from your online customers by simply having e-mail addresses of all your contact personnel posted on your web site. You can make available customer surveys and receive the results without any printing or distribution costs.


Surveys have shown that most small business and organizations do not yet have web sites. Your having a web site now puts you above the rest.

Improved Customer Service

You can have a section on your web site with answers to all the questions your clients frequently ask, and even the ones rarely asked, and in as much detail as you like, exactly as you would like it stated. Never worry again about a customer service rep "forgetting" to tell a customer a key piece of information.

Improved Technical Support

You can put very complex and detailed diagrams, charts, and technical information on your web site and save your tech support staff hours of time providing tech support on the telephone. Diagrams, charts and specs can be updated very quickly. Some manufacturers no longer print their repair manuals because of the high printing costs due to constant revisions. Instead, their clients get all the information they need from their web site.

Supplement Your Current Advertising

Anytime you display your Internet address in your print (letter-heads,business cards , comp slips) ,radio, or TV advertising, potential customers know they can go right there to get more information about the products or services you are advertising through the traditional media.

Good for the Environment

Think of the millions of trees that can be saved by not printing newsletters, brochures, manuals, even entire books, because the same information can be displayed on web sites.

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